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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Battle on The Mississippi; A Flames of Tournament

I attended a Flames of war tournament this last weekend with a couple fo friends this last weekend in La Crosse, WI.  The tournament was held in the basement of a record store called Deaf Ear Records.  It was your typical gaming space.

The Tournament was a mid-war 1710 point tournament. with 16 players showing up.  The terrain was a nice selection of mid-war themed terrain including Itlay, Russia and North Africa.

My army was an eastern front German Pioneer company with 2 platoons of pioneers, a machine gun platoon, 3 Panzer III late J's, a Ferdinad, a looted KV-1, 3 nebelwerfers and a limited HS-129.

The first mission was hold the line and my first game was against been an experienced player from Madison, WI. He played Fearless conscript Tankovy with a Company of M3 Stuarts, and 2 companies of long barreled Lees, with a small unit of recon.  The game didn't go good for me.  I misappropriated my assets and couldn't get a reserve on my first opportunity on turn 3 and the game was over in the top of Turn 4.  I lost 1-6.

The game game was Dust Up, one of my favorite scenarios. My 2nd game was against a newer player that had some problems in writing a list. He had 6 Tank destroyers in one platoon so I had him correct that before we gan playing.  He also didn't really understand many of the rules.  His army was a US Para Company with Tank Destroyer support along with 105mm howitzers.  I won this one 5-2.

His Tank Destroyers smoked my KV-1 and the pioneers were poised to assault the objective.
 The last Mission was counter attack one of the wonky missions in the book.  My opponent play US Armored Rifle company, with 2 ARP, armored mortars, machine gun platoon, 105's, 3 scoots, 5 M5 Stuarts, and 3 long Barreled Lees. It was a pretty good game, besides the fact he had trouble list building and some rule explanations.  The most important rule he dismissed was not allocating save dice to teams before he rolled them. I won a bloody 4-3 match.

He took out my ferdinad on the first attempt with his air support.  I should have left it in ambush.

I ended up finishing middle of the pack.  My 2 friends finished tied for 1st and it came down to sportsman scores.  The first place finisher received a nice Iwo Jima flag trophy and some minis.  All of the contestants took home at least some form of prize.  I felt the tournament was well run.
Joe won the T-Rex for the worst dice of the day. It is supposed to be a new traveling trophy.  I'm glad I din't have to take that one home!