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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Product Reiew: Manor House-Arnhem by Battlefront

I just received my Manor House Arhem in the mail today.  I was pretty excited to receive it.  I think it is my favorite of the premium subscription houses.  The Building didn't come in the same type of packaging as the other houses, no printed box only brown cardboard and no molded stryrofoam packaging.

 I think it was a big mistake not to package it in Styrofoam since mine building arrived broken.  This is the 2nd building that I have received that was broken, the first one was the church.

It was only wrapped in bubble wrap with very little bubble wrap added for packing material.

The terrace had 3 pieces broken off.

The design of the building is great. The colors of each floor seem to match pretty close. I have seen other ones where the colors don't match very well.

Overall, I really like the building. But I am a little disappointed that it came broken.  I'm  sure I can glue back together and do a little touch up but who wants to do that when you buy something new.  I have enough things for fix on my kids cars.

Overall rating is 7 out of 10 Chalupas.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Viking Longhouse for Saga, Part2

I spent a little more time working on the longhouse this evening.  I added soe trim pieces and I added a little more fuzzy material to the roof.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Viking Longhouse for Saga, Part 1

I have been painting some vikings for Saga and I decided I needed some terrain pieces to make the game a little more interesting. So today I decided I will start making a Viking longhouse. I made pretty good process on it today.
I started with a hard board base and I outlined the size of the building and drilled some holes for the posts.
I used foam core and some dowels for the frame

Hot glue works pretty good to get fast results.

I cut out the roof pieces as you can see, I used foam core again.

I glued the peices together and I added some trim to the front.

I want ed to add some loags to give it a rustic look. The roof was a little crooked so I had to cut the trim a little crooked, oops!

I made the front of the house out of cardboard and I glued hobby sticks to the front of the cardboard. I used cardboard so I could have opening and closing doors by cutting out the doors and creasing them so they will fold back and forth.

Here is ashot of the back after I glued the sticks to the cardboard.

I cut aroung the cardboard with my scroll saw if you use some soft wood you could cut it with a hobby knife. I screwed up the right hand corner but I won't be able to see it once the roof is on.

I glue balsa wood strips to sides.

I bought some fuzzy fabric at the craft store, Ihope it gives me the effect I'm looking for.

I decided to let the siding dry so it was time to work on the roof.  I glued in on with white glue, so now I'll wait until it dries. I kind of like the way it looks now but I'll treat it tomorrow and then we can add some trim to the house.

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