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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Viking Longhouse for Saga, Part 1

I have been painting some vikings for Saga and I decided I needed some terrain pieces to make the game a little more interesting. So today I decided I will start making a Viking longhouse. I made pretty good process on it today.
I started with a hard board base and I outlined the size of the building and drilled some holes for the posts.
I used foam core and some dowels for the frame

Hot glue works pretty good to get fast results.

I cut out the roof pieces as you can see, I used foam core again.

I glued the peices together and I added some trim to the front.

I want ed to add some loags to give it a rustic look. The roof was a little crooked so I had to cut the trim a little crooked, oops!

I made the front of the house out of cardboard and I glued hobby sticks to the front of the cardboard. I used cardboard so I could have opening and closing doors by cutting out the doors and creasing them so they will fold back and forth.

Here is ashot of the back after I glued the sticks to the cardboard.

I cut aroung the cardboard with my scroll saw if you use some soft wood you could cut it with a hobby knife. I screwed up the right hand corner but I won't be able to see it once the roof is on.

I glue balsa wood strips to sides.

I bought some fuzzy fabric at the craft store, Ihope it gives me the effect I'm looking for.

I decided to let the siding dry so it was time to work on the roof.  I glued in on with white glue, so now I'll wait until it dries. I kind of like the way it looks now but I'll treat it tomorrow and then we can add some trim to the house.

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