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Monday, November 17, 2014

A Mid War Dust Up

I had a chance to play a game a couple of months back with Keith and I never got a chance to post it up. I had my german infantry with Marder II's and Panzer III's.  He had his Irish guards with Churchhills and his mounted AT guns.

The battle started out with a shootout between my Marder III's against his AT guns mounted on trucks.

My Panzer III's try to assault his objective guarded by an infantry platoon and 8 6 pounders.  I din't have much luck.

Keith assaulted my objective with his Churchhills and an infantry Platoon. I kept my infantry and pak38's gone to ground since I couldn't crack his front armor.  He never took the bait to assault me so I could blast apart his Churchills.

My reserves came on the table but were too late to save the tanks and got ripped up by some machine guns in the Manor house.

A bird's eye view from Keith's side of the battle.  He was almost ready for the final assault.

I narrowed down his forces but I just didn't have enough left to kick him off the objective.

Keith was sizing me up and dialing in the range.

Keith finally ended it by crushing my flank and destroying my morale.  It was a fun and it's probably about time he gives me a rematch.


  1. Nice looking this beautiful hill!

  2. Thanks Phil. Our LGS has some pretty unique terrain.

  3. It certainly was a fun game!!

    I look forward to the rematch, especially with Adepticon coming up as a Mid War tourney. Not sure if this army would be the best choice for that. Thinking about going with German Mech, although that will involve a whole bunch of painting for me.

    Are you planning on Adepticon next year?