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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Late War British in the Caldron

I got a chance to play my friend Keith in a game of Flames of War a couple of weeks ago. We decided to play at an existing LGS that moved to a new location. Village Games in Champlin, MN is a great store with a lot of gaming area, the only draw back is that they don't carry any historical miniatures anymore.

We decided to play a late war game and rolled up the Caldron mission.  This mission is a little wonky, I think the games played in this mission are usually fun but I feel the defender is at a big disadvantage.

Keith played his trained Irish Guard with Tank Destroyers, anti tank guns, 8 25 pounders, mortars, and universal  carriers in support.  I had a Panzer IV panzer company with Aukalungs, Stug G's, 2 8 rads, and some Nebelwerfers in Support.

I started off deploying almost all of my force in the right back quarter of the table, hiding what I could for Keith's first turn. I had a great bottom of the first by destroying the whole platoon of tank destroyers leaving only his anti tank guns as a real threat to my tanks until he brought  in some reserves to distract me from my goal.

Keith tried to take out what he could with his artillery and anti tank guns but didn't have much luck.  I slowly chipped off all of the guns as I advanced on the objectives. I turned a few of the tanks around to wait for the reserves to come on from my rear.

I moved on to the objective and started to sweep  his flank to take out the rest of his guns. My infantry came on over on the far side of the table.
Keith is planning out his next move.
His Shermans in reserve come on the board and take out my  nebs and a small unit of Panzer IV's in the same turn.  He just got his 2 units to make this a close game no matter what the out come.
I had too much fire power waiting for the Shermans and shot them up pretty good. He tried a desperation assault on the objective but that didn't work out as planned and I ended up winning a 4-3 game.
It is always a great time playing Keith everyone of battles are hard fought and fun to play.   I hope to play him again soon.