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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Mid War Batrep Soviet Armor v. German Pioneers

I had a chance to play my friend John in a game and we roled up the pincer mission.  John played his Soviet armor. He had a big company of T-34s, a unit of T-70s, 4 SU-122s, 2 units recon and 8 Katys. I played my German Pioneers. I had 2 units of Pios, a machine gun unit, a unit of 3 nebs, 3 Panzer IIIs, a Ferdinand, a looted T34 and a HS129.

I started the game with 2 units on Pios on  the table along with the nebelwerfers, and the panzer IIIs in ambush.  I kept a kompfgruppe of a small unit of pios, the Ferdinand, T34 and machine guns in reserve.

John came right at me with T34s up the middle, T70s on my left and SU122s on my right. Ipopped my PZ IIs from ambush right away to slow his T34s down.  They seemed to do the trick and hung in for a while while they chipped away at the T34s. John had a hard time hitting them while they were hidden in the woods.

I shot the nebs at the recon  on the right and my air attack was pretty unaffective the whole game.

 I forgot to take more pics but I tried assaulting his Su122s twice once I killed his recon protecting them but I could not pass a morale check to assault him.  Finally I did assault him and I failed to hit with the whole platoon. The Su 122s proceeded to kill my infantry with the breakthrough guns and eventually he broke my company.  It was a great game and look forward to playing him again soon since all of our games seem to swing back  and forth to make great games.